About us

What is it?


‘How Can I Help You?’ is a volunteer project conceived and promoted by Creative Zone as a joint initiative with the Municipality of Braga, the language school International House Braga and the local retail association ACB – Associação Comercial de Braga.


The purpose of this project is to help those who visit the city of Braga in obtaining directions, information, tips and others that will help improve their visiting experience whilst in Braga. It is a ‘walking aid’ provided by volunteers (language students at International House Braga) who will be walking in pairs in the historical centre, complementing the information that visitors can obtain from the Tourism Information Points.
Its first edition took place in 2018 during the ‘Semana Santa’ (Holy Week) festivities, the city’s most significant tourism peak. Our volunteers were the ‘friendly face’ in the streets of the city centre answering questions from tourists and helping to show the world the very best that Braga has to offer.

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How does it work?


Based around a central information point – The Tourist Office – teams of 2 volunteers each sign up for a 2-hours shift in which they interact with visitors on a range of topics such as the quickest route from A to B, suggestions for things to do in the area and information about wider Braga offerings e.g. museums, exhibitions, monuments, etc.

Why are we doing it?



we promote the city by humanizing the assistance in the city centre in an innovative way in terms of local partnerships;
we stimulate an interest in the knowledge about the city in young people, making them (even more) its ambassadors;
we provide a unique opportunity to apply language knowledge and skills obtained in the classroom in the natural environment where they interact with the city’s visitors;
we help build an image of a city that does not confine information to tourist offices, but goes out to meet the tourists in the places where they have their doubts;
we have a specialised approach in the teaching of foreign languages and we encourage the contact of our students with the terrain;
because this is a unique combined learning experience for our students: connecting the learning of a foreign language and territory!
we love Braga and we want those who visit us to also come because they have been welcomed by our volunteer students.